Happy 2015

Finally I finished the first volume of the PostgreSQL book administration. The book is free to download on slideshare or, if you want the hard copy there is the button to order on lulu.com. I’ll build an ebook version in the next days and I’ll make it available on amazon’s kindle and the kobo. I hope this book will spread the knowledge on PostgreSQL. Anyway, I’ve not finished. I’ve already started a second volume and a manual for the developers willing to learn the noble art of the SQL writing.

Brand new elephant

So finally PostgreSQL 9.4 has been released. This version introduces a new schema less type, the jsonb which joins the other fantastic features abused and misused by the developers all around the globe. The DBA improvements in this release is much more interesting and can push seriously the adoption in the enterprises of this DBMS. Alter system Finally is possible to change the postgresql.conf settings using the ALTER SYSTEM SET command.

Book done!

The book is now complete. There’s still a lot to do for reviewing the writing and fixing the bad grammar. Anyway is about 107 pages and I’m pretty satisfied. I’ve worked on this document for 4 months in my spare time and I became more confident with my English during the writing. So, what’s next? I’ll spend the next couple of weeks reviewing and fixing the book. After that I’ll put the pdf on lulu.