Another evening with PostgreSQL

Thanks to the Ferrara’s University, departement of Engineering I’ll attend to another evening with PostgreSQL. This time the event will be a seminary with all talks made by me. The first talk will cover our beloved elephant’s history. The second talk will look to the engine with particular attention to the MVCC and the memory manager. The final talk will cover thebackup and recovery with pgdump and the streaming replication.

It's bigger on the inside

I’ll be at the University of Ferrara Saturday 9th of January for a PostgreSQL afternoon. This is the confirmed schedule. 15:00 - Federico Campoli: PostgreSQL, the big the fast and the (NOSQL on) Acid 15:40 - Michele Finelli: The PostgreSQL’s transactional system 16:20 - Coffee break / general chat 16:40 - Federico Campoli: Streaming replication 17:30 - Federico Campoli: Query tuning in PostgreSQL 18:00 - Michele Finelli: An horror fairy tale: how we have lost a database

Meetup wrap up

This second meetup went very well. The audience was interested and we had fun time thanks to the beer and pizzas offered alongside with the venue by our sponsor brandwatch. Here a couple of pictures from the meetup. The recording worked much better than the previous time, here’s the presentation’s video. We’ll meet again shortly for a nice beer. Next technical talk will be probably in January.