Who are you?

I’m a DBA, which usually means being hated by and hating everybody.

Do you have GPG?

Yes, my GPG fingerprint is 2271 8795 79C2 9A50 DF1E 61EC 4D71 0A40 7C10 ABC9

What’s your background?

I’ve a long working experience on Oracle and PostgreSQL.

Are you a developer?

No, despite the fact I can write decent code, I don’t like writing code as a job.

Spaces or tabs?


Why did you created another blog on PostgreSQL?

I just wanted to share my experience on the most advanced open source database.

What’s your nationality?

I’m Neapolitan. I didn’t studied English so please forgive for my bad grammar.

What’s your Doctor?

The Fourth Doctor.

What’s your preferred Doctor’s quote?

There’s no point being grown-up if you can’t be childish sometimes.

Are you religious?

No, I’m an ateist.