presenting pg chameleon at the brighton postgresql meetup

Back from Estonia after the amazing European PGConf 2016 I’m about to give a talk on the MySQL to PostgreSQL replication project I’m developing. But first things first. I want to thank all the organisers of the PGConf Europe. The talks were super interesting the location absolutely stunning and the old and new friends I met, remembered me how amazing is the PostgreSQL community. Unfortunately I missed the social events (did somebody said a DBA can have social life?

An evening with Psycopg2

The next meetup at Brighton will be Friday 14th October at 19.30. Daniele Varrazzo will kindly talk about the most popular PostgreSQL driver in the python universe. Psycopg is the most used PostgreSQL driver for the Python programming language. As a driver it stays at a relatively low level, allowing to use all the features offered by the database. Behind the scenes, it does its best to convert the rich Python data model into the likewise rich PostgreSQL data model:

News from the outer ring

After the summer break the Brighton PostgreSQL meetup restarts with the monthly technical talks. This time is my round again. I’ll speak on how to scale the backup and recovery on large postgres installations. Actually this is the talk I’ve submitted to the european pgconf. I made the talk in a storytelling form in order to avoid to bore the audience to the death. The talk should be quite entertaining with explanation of the issues solved by the DBA over the years.

Brigthton PostgreSQL Meetup news

I’ve been busy recently and I failed to update on the last meetup news. I apologise for that. We had a very interesting meetup in January. Alexey Bashtanov explained how the grouping works in postgres and how to improve or even re implement in C the grouping functions. On the meetup page there are the pictures from the meeting. The presentation’s recording is available thereand the slides are free to download on slideshare there.