An apology for the Pycon 9

The 20th of April I was supposed to give the pgchameleon’s talk at the Pycon 9. However personal issues prevented me to come to Florence. This post is an explanation and an apology for the pycon 9 attendees and organisers.

New adventures in time and space

New adventures in time and space

When in February I received the email with the news that my talk was accepted at the pgcon it took me some time, and several espresso coffee, to realise that I wasn’t dreaming. The pgcon email reached me few days after the same talk was accepted at the pycon nove, the Italy’s nationwide Python conference. The Italian Pycon and the Pgcon are great conferences with amazing speakers and fantastic topics. The sole idea of giving my small contribution it makes me proud and a little scared, because I never talked to an audience composed mostly by fine developers.

pg_chameleon v2.0.0.alpha2 is out

Has been a while since I wrote a post on this blog. I’ve been quite busy on coding pgchameleon’s version 2. I finally managed to release an alpha1 the 11th of November but this release had several issues which prevented the users to have real tests. However, after a week of debugging I’ve released pg_chameleon v2.0.0.alpha2 which is now quite usable. For a complete command line reference and an usage example click here.

Happy birthday pg_chameleon

Today is one year since I started working seriously on pg_chameleon. With this commit I changed the project’s license to the 2 clause BSD and the project’s scope, evolving the project into a MySQL to PostgreSQL replica system. Initially this change was just a try. I needed to synchronise the data between MySQL and PostgreSQL and at that time the only option I had it was to use the MySQL foreign data wrapper, eventually to copy the data locally every now and then.

pg_chameleon 1.3 out

Bugfix emergency release v1.3.1 I discovered a regression when running the init_replica caused by a wrong handling of missing time in master coordinates. Sorry about that. After another round of bug fixes I’ve released the version 1.3 of my pet project pg_chameleon. The package is available on pypi as usual. The changelog is available here. If you have any question/issue to discussI created a community on gitter. Please join! I’ve also added a RELASE_NOTESfile to explain the changes.