An apology for the Pycon 9

The 20th of April I was supposed to give the pgchameleon’s talk at the Pycon 9. However personal issues prevented me to come to Florence. This post is an explanation and an apology for the pycon 9 attendees and organisers.

Initially I planned to come to Florence the 19th to give an help with the beginner tutorials.

However the 10th of April with my mother hospitalised. The issue was simple to solve but required time. And I had to coordinate things remotely as I live in the UK and my house is in Italy. So the first change of plan made me book a train ride the 20th April only.

My mom was supposed to get out from hospital Wednesday 18. However the doctors wanted to run few tests to be absolutely sure she was fine, and the day of dismissal moved to the 20th or the 21st of April.

Therefore I had to tell the organisers that I couldn’t make to the Conference.

This post is an apology to the attendees interested in the talk’s topic and to the organisers that I’ve let down with such a short notice.

I feel incredibly sad for the missed occasion of speaking at the pycon 9.

I’m not a developer and I feel that I won’t be able to submit another talk the next year, unless I repeat the same topic.

Thanks for reading.