Happy 2015

Finally I finished the first volume of the PostgreSQL book administration. The book is free to download on slideshare or, if you want the hard copy there is the button to order on I’ll build an ebook version in the next days and I’ll make it available on amazon’s kindle and the kobo. I hope this book will spread the knowledge on PostgreSQL. Anyway, I’ve not finished. I’ve already started a second volume and a manual for the developers willing to learn the noble art of the SQL writing.

Book done!

The book is now complete. There’s still a lot to do for reviewing the writing and fixing the bad grammar. Anyway is about 107 pages and I’m pretty satisfied. I’ve worked on this document for 4 months in my spare time and I became more confident with my English during the writing. So, what’s next? I’ll spend the next couple of weeks reviewing and fixing the book. After that I’ll put the pdf on lulu.

Chapter 11 - A couple of things to know before start coding...

This is almost the entire chapter 11. I’m still writing the final section, I’d like to put into a separate post though. I’ve also almost finished the restore’s performance. After this the book is complete. I will start a review to make it a decent writing before publishing onto and amazon kindle. I’m not sure amazon permits to sell books for free I’ll find a solution anyway. A couple of things to know before start coding… This chapter is completely different from the rest of the book.

Chapter 6 final parts. Foreign, check and null constraints

Foreign keys A foreign key is a constraint enforced using the values another table’s field. The classical example is the tables storing the addresses and cities. We can store the addresses with the city field, inline. Being the city a duplicated value over many addresses, this will cause the table bloat by storing long strings, duplicated many and many times, alongside with the the address. Defining a table with the cities and referencing the city id in the addresses table will result in a smaller row size.

The missing chapter 6 part 1 and two, data integrity

I’ve started the sixth chapter, the one on the data integrity I’ve forgotten. There are the first two parts alongside with the introduction. I’ve also updated the book on slideshare with the new cover and the last incomplete chapter for the developers. The beautiful cover is made by Chiaretta & Bon. Kudos and many thanks. I’ve also uploaded the latex sources on github for anybody to fork and review my crappy english.