DBA day 2022 and other silly stuff

DBA day 2022 and other silly stuff

Again there is another pretty long hiatus.

Thing happens and independently from how bad my childhood was, family comes first.

Anyway after a rollercoaster ride that started in July 2021 things are getting more stable.

DBA day 2019

DBA day 2019

Has been a long time since I wrote on my blog. The paths that life decides for you are strange. Often what you planned is completely scrambled by something bigger and completely unforeseen.

Back in 2018 I planned to relocate to France but the move went quite wrong for reasons that only now I can see clearly.

Anyway, finally after 10 months wandering without a real home I’m finally settled down somewhere.

Then this is is the perfect occasion to celebrate the second database administrators appreciation day.

Back in 2018 I launched the event because there were no day dedicated for this obscure and yet very important figure within the enterprises.

Therefore don’t forget 5th of July, it’s the day when you should say thank you to your DBA for all of the hard work.

DBA may cry

DBA may cry

Database administrators usually work behind the scenes, over the weekends and in antisocial hours. They strive to look after the database which is at the core of any business with little or no recognition.

The sad truth is that the DBA is one of the most obscure and one of the less appreciated roles within the IT organisations.

presenting pg chameleon at the brighton postgresql meetup

Back from Estonia after the amazing European PGConf 2016 I’m about to give a talk on the MySQL to PostgreSQL replication project I’m developing. But first things first. I want to thank all the organisers of the PGConf Europe. The talks were super interesting the location absolutely stunning and the old and new friends I met, remembered me how amazing is the PostgreSQL community. Unfortunately I missed the social events (did somebody said a DBA can have social life?

Directory format and default compression

After upgrading some clusters to PostgreSQL 9.4.4 I noticed an increase of the database backup. Because the databases are quite large I’m taking the advantage of the parallel export introduced with PostgreSQL 9.3. The parallel dump uses the PostgreSQL’s snapshot export with multiple backends. The functionality requires the dump to be in directory format where a toc file is saved alongside with the compressed exports, one per each table saved by pg_dump.