DBA day 2019

DBA day 2019

Has been a long time since I wrote on my blog. The paths that life decides for you are strange. Often what you planned is completely scrambled by something bigger and completely unforeseen.

Back in 2018 I planned to relocate to France but the move went quite wrong for reasons that only now I can see clearly.

Anyway, finally after 10 months wandering without a real home I’m finally settled down somewhere.

Then this is is the perfect occasion to celebrate the second database administrators appreciation day.

Back in 2018 I launched the event because there were no day dedicated for this obscure and yet very important figure within the enterprises.

Therefore don’t forget 5th of July, it’s the day when you should say thank you to your DBA for all of the hard work.

The DBA work happens behind the scenes, not unlikely during the weekends and in antisocial hours. A DBA strives all the time looking after the company’s database, which is the core of any business, getting in exchange little or no recognition.

Share the love

Whether you are a DBA or not please, share the website dbaday.org with your team mates and follow the dba day’s twitter account.

During the dba day please share your appreciation using the hashtag #dbaday.

If you want to put a banner on your website with a link back to dbaday.org you can use the following images.

banner 220x191

banner 300x260

banner 600x520

Please save the image on a folder where your website is hosted and then use one of this html snippets to put the banner on your website (you may need to change the src location).

<a href="https://dbaday.org/" >
  <img src="/img/banners/dbaday_220_191.jpg" alt="dbaday.org" title="The database administrators appreciation day" >

<a href="https://dbaday.org/" >
  <img src="/img/banners/dbaday_300_260.jpg" alt="dbaday.org" title="The database administrators appreciation day" >

<a href="https://dbaday.org/" >
  <img src="/img/banners/dbaday_600_520.jpg" alt="dbaday.org" title="The database administrators appreciation day" >

Show your appreciation

The 5th of July 2019 please show your appreciation to your DBA with concrete actions.

These are some suggestions on how you can make your DBA loved.

  • Cake & Ice cream
  • Pizza
  • Cards
  • Gifts
  • Words of gratitude
  • Do not deploy that migration that will shut down the database forcing the DBA to work over the week end to bring it back

Further readings

The post’s picture is the last image I took in Brighton which I love and I still miss a lot.

The sea in the sky, copyright Federico Campoli