DBA day 2022 and other silly stuff

DBA day 2022 and other silly stuff

Again there is another pretty long hiatus.

Thing happens and independently from how bad my childhood was, family comes first.

Anyway after a rollercoaster ride that started in July 2021 things are getting more stable.

The worse is still yet to come but nowadays at least I have a minimum space to breath.

Therefore I took the occasion to do some cleanup on my websites, upgrading the hugo version and finally I got rid of Google Analytics, discus. The following websites do not use cookies anymore.

I’ve changed the web server configuration to anonymise the last octed of the logged ip addresses.

This mitigation will allow me to get some pretty decent statistics with https://goaccess.io and do not violate the regulation for the cookie law and GDPR.

DBA Day 2022

Friday 1st July is the database administrators appreciation day.

The DBADay is for recognising the hard work of any DBA in the world.

The DBA work happens behind the scenes, not unlikely during the weekends and in antisocial hours. A DBA strives all the time looking after the company’s database, which is the core of any business, getting in exchange little or no recognition.

Share the love

Whether you are a DBA or not please, share the website dbaday.org with your team mates and follow the dba day’s twitter account.

During the dba day please share your appreciation using the hashtag #dbaday.

If you want to put a banner on your website with a link back to dbaday.org you can use the following images.

banner 220x191

banner 300x260

banner 600x520

Please save the image on a folder where your website is hosted and then use one of this html snippets to put the banner on your website (you may need to change the src location).

<a href="https://dbaday.org/" >
  <img src="/img/banners/dbaday_220_191.jpg" alt="dbaday.org" title="The database administrators appreciation day" >

<a href="https://dbaday.org/" >
  <img src="/img/banners/dbaday_300_260.jpg" alt="dbaday.org" title="The database administrators appreciation day" >

<a href="https://dbaday.org/" >
  <img src="/img/banners/dbaday_600_520.jpg" alt="dbaday.org" title="The database administrators appreciation day" >

Show your appreciation

The 1st of July 2022 please show your appreciation to your DBA with concrete actions.

These are some suggestions on how you can make your DBA loved.

  • Cake & Ice cream
  • Pizza
  • Cards
  • Gifts
  • Words of gratitude
  • Do not deploy that migration that will shut down the database forcing the DBA to work over the week end to bring it back

Further readings

The post’s picture is the last image I took in Brighton which I love and I still miss a lot.

Picture: Savonarola Statue, copyright Federico Campoli