DBA may cry

DBA may cry

Database administrators usually work behind the scenes, over the weekends and in antisocial hours. They strive to look after the database which is at the core of any business with little or no recognition.

The sad truth is that the DBA is one of the most obscure and one of the less appreciated roles within the IT organisations.

Recently I’ve started to introduce myself with: Hello, I’m a DBA, which means being hated by everybody and hating everybody.

Sadly this joke is not so distant from the reality as the DBA is often seen as grumpy and not approachable.

So, I told myself, why don’t we have a DBA appreciation day, in the same way there is the sysadmin day?

So I created www.dbaday.org to celebrate the the first Database Administrators Appreciation Day the 6th of July 2018.

Share the love

Whether you are a DBA or not please, share www.dbaday.org with your team mates and follow the dba day’s twitter account.

Please follow the dba day’s twitter account and twit about the event using the hashtag #dbaday.

If you want to put a banner on your website with a link back to www.dbaday.org you can use those.

banner 220x191

banner 300x260

banner 600x520

Please save the image on your hosting then use one of this html snippet to put it on your website (you may need to change the src location).

<a href="http://www.dbaday.org" >
  <img src="/img/banners/dbaday_220_191.jpg" alt="dbaday.org" title="The database administrators appreciation day" >

<a href="http://www.dbaday.org" >
  <img src="/img/banners/dbaday_300_260.jpg" alt="dbaday.org" title="The database administrators appreciation day" >

<a href="http://www.dbaday.org" >
  <img src="/img/banners/dbaday_600_520.jpg" alt="dbaday.org" title="The database administrators appreciation day" >

Show your appreciation

The 6th of July 2018 show your appreciation to your DBA.

There some suggestions.

  • Cake & Ice cream
  • Pizza
  • Cards
  • Gifts
  • Words of gratitude
  • Do not deploy that migration that will shut down the database forcing the DBA to work over the week end to bring it back

Don’t forget to share your pictures and words of appreciation on twitter, facebook, google plus using the hashtag #dbaday.

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Federico is a freelance database administrator and an amateur python developer. He started his career as Oracle DBA in 2004 and fell in love with PostgreSQL in 2007.
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