New adventures in time and space

New adventures in time and space

When in February I received the email with the news that my talk was accepted at the pgcon it took me some time, and several espresso coffee, to realise that I wasn’t dreaming.

The pgcon email reached me few days after the same talk was accepted at the pycon nove, the Italy’s nationwide Python conference.

The Italian Pycon and the Pgcon are great conferences with amazing speakers and fantastic topics. The sole idea of giving my small contribution it makes me proud and a little scared, because I never talked to an audience composed mostly by fine developers. But I’m pretty sure it will be amazing.

So, if you are in Florence, Italy between the 19th to 22nd April do not miss the great conference of the Pycon nove.

I will give the pg_chameleon talk in english the 20th of April.

Then, I will travel to Canada for the first time in my life to give the same talk at the pgcon the 1st of June.

I’ve also setup a page with the upcoming and past talks as a reference.

See you soon in Florence and in Ottawa!

Shiny wind ball, copyright Federico Campoli