New blog platform

New blog platform

Five years ago I decided to start a blog on the topic I like the most, PostgreSQL.

After evaluating the different platforms I decided to use blogger, as I needed something very basic.

Over these years I discovered how blogger is limited, in particular when writing documents containing source code.

For example, book’s chapters are pretty rubbish, despite the efforts I made to write them. In most of the cases I had to take screenshots of the code and paste it as image to avoid the formatting to be scrambled.

I started losing interest in blogging updating the page only to share the release announcements of my pet project pg_chameleon.

I have to thank Lætitia if I discovered the amazing Hugo io which allowed me to build quickly and efficiently the pg_chameleon website just using markdown. The process was so pleasant that I decided to migrate my blog away from blogger.

Thanks to the blogger to hugo script almost all of the old posts are now available in the archive section. However for some reasons the first blog posts were not present in the blogger xml backup file and therefore they are not in the archive.

Anyway, those posts were selfish proclaims and rants. If anybody is curious about them they are still available on blogger at this url

In order to have a soft transition I’ve used a different domain which from now is also the default domain for my tech blog. Please update your bookmarks.

I will repoint soon to this server, hopefully without breaking anything.

I look forward to add posts about my experience with the most advanced open source database.

So, welcome, again.