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pg_chameleon 1.0 RC1 available now

In 2013 I started my pet project pg_chameleon to discharge my frustration only to find the entire thing even more frustrating. It’s fascinating how time and circumstances can fix the personal perspective revamping the passion for development that never left me. This philosophical introduction is to tell I still can’t believe I’ve relased the RC1 of my pet project pg_chameleon. The release is already available on pypi and includes several bug fixes and performance improvement.

pg_chameleon beta 1 out

After fixing few bugs I decided to release the first pg_chameleon beta. The package details with the changelog are available here These are the notable changes. Switch to psycopg2 2.7.x - Thanks to Daniele’s work now the requirement installs without need for python or postgresql headers, making the install in virtualenv much simpler Install system wide or in virtualenv follow the same rules. The configuration files and the package files are installed in the python’s site-packages/pg_chameleon.

pg_chameleon alpha4 available on pypi

Over the last week end I finally worked trough python’s setuptools and relased the alpha4 for pg_chameleon 1.0. This is the final alpha version the version 1.0. The system now can be installed in the virtualenv just typing pip install pg_chameleon It’s important pip is up to date so if there’s any error upgrade pip with pip install pip –upgrade The first install creates in the user’s home the directory .

Slides from the fosdem pgday 2017

Thanks everybody for listening. And massive thanks to the PostgreSQL Europe staff for organising an amazing conference. The slides from my talk are available fordownload here. The open source replica system is on github and hopefully Transferwise will also release the customised obfuscator soon.

See you in Brussels

The next week I will present at theFosdem PGDay 2017. This is the first time I travel to Brussels, the first time I visit the Fosdem and the presentation is almost brand new. I gave the same presentation at the last Brighton PostgreSQL meetup and this helped me to tailor the slides in a better way. During the talk I will explain about the first project I was assigned since I joined Transferwisein July 2016, where I helped the analyst to move a struggling MySQL database, used for the business intelligence, into a faster PostgreSQL 9.