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pg chameleon 1.0 alpha1

As mentioned in the presentation I did at the Brighton PostgreSQL Meetup, pg chameleon is a commute project. In general I work on it when I travel. And thanks to the pgconf and other requirements I travelled a lot recently. This is the presentation’s recording (sorry the audio is suboptimal). So I was able to build a minimum viable product which seems to work properly. The alpha1 release is available for download and testing here

Goodbye to Ubuntu, hello Slackware

When I first read about the systemd I truly believed the linux community would be able to improve this init system. Or at least to stop it if not good enough to be used as replacement for sysvinit. I was wrong. After a strong and poisonous debating Debian switched to systemd in Jessie. Several contributors left Debian and organised a fork called Devuan which is pushing for the init freedom.

presenting pg chameleon at the brighton postgresql meetup

Back from Estonia after the amazing European PGConf 2016 I’m about to give a talk on the MySQL to PostgreSQL replication project I’m developing. But first things first. I want to thank all the organisers of the PGConf Europe. The talks were super interesting the location absolutely stunning and the old and new friends I met, remembered me how amazing is the PostgreSQL community. Unfortunately I missed the social events (did somebody said a DBA can have social life?